Patricia Koops

I work with talented women struggling to realise their potential to shake off the harsh voice from the past. I help them to break free to do the impactful work they long to do.

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Fiercely Kind Coaching

  The word fiercely is not automatically connected to something “soft“ like kindness. It is more likely associated with a violent or aggressive manner (roaring tiger) or with a powerful or destructive manner (blowing wind). “Fiercely“ and “Kind“ seem like opposites and that makes it so powerful to me. Many people are enormously harsh on themselves with endless negative chatter in their heads. So this is an invitation to be Fiercely Kind to yourself, you deserve it.
Passion, humour, adventurous, enthusiasm, and a huge desire to help, that is me in a nutshell. Becoming a Life Coach to help individuals was inevitable. After following my dream and working in Africa (Ethiopia) for 4 years, I moved to Berlin in 2018 to start another great journey into coaching. I love to support women step into their potential.
Transformational Life Coach

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Patricia Koops, fiercely kind coach

Succes Stories

Fiercely Kind Coaching Patrica Cheetah ♥ I turned to Patricia in a moment of confusion and sadness and it definitely helped me put things into perspective and bounce back on my feet. She is extremely easy to talk to, friendly, and non-judgemental. She carefully listened to me and made me feel more confident without ever minimizing what I was feeling at the moment. (RF, Berlin)


♥ Patricia Koops balances a professional attitude with a friendly warmth and openness you feel you can trust right away. She is not afraid to ask you the hard questions that you don't want to answer.
Despite some questions being hard-it is work after all- I felt safe talking with Patricia at all times.
She helped me see my issues from a new angle. The practical exercises were useful in breaking old thought patterns, the patience she shows in listening made me feel I could be helped and help myself. She can help you light your path and the steps you take are up to you! (-S, Berlin)
Fiercely Kind Coaching Patrica Crow


Fiercely Kind Coaching Patrica Wolf ♥ I am happy to recommend Patricia as a personal or professional coach. I came in touch with Patricia when I was in a slump due unemployment which was made worse by the Covid19 situation. Within a few sessions, Patricia helped me to turn a negative situation around and push myself to find better employment options and improve behavioral patterns. I appreciated Patricia's coaching technique as she offers very concrete and actionable methods to help overcome personal challenges (Joseph, Berlin)


♥ I started my coaching sessions with Patricia at the beginning of the covid19 lockdown, when I began to feel deeply unstable and unable to organize even the most trivial tasks. Thanks to Patricia’s coaching I understood and took care of many fears and feelings that were hiding behind my blocks and I was able to take some important steps. I’ve learned that sometimes your goals are literally at small daily achievement. Her welcoming and radiant character made me feel always comfortable, understood, and safe. Also:„People who deny the existence of dragons are often eaten by dragons. From within.“ Ursula K. Le Guin (SB, Berlin) Fiercely Kind Coaching Patrica Dragon


Fiercely Kind Coaching Patrica Tiger ♥ I came across Patricia's coaching service when I had just moved to a new country, was unemployed, and the world was at the start of the Covid crisis. I was deeply worried I will not be able to find a job and felt extremely isolated.
The coaching sessions with Patricia built in me a sense of stability and helped me feel more capable to deal with the reality I was facing. I also learned a few things about myself in the process, which helped me a lot in fine-tuning my job search.
I found Patricia very caring, creative, empathetic, and her sense of humor helped in the more difficult moments of my process (Maayan, Berlin)


♥ You have helped me be more conscious about life, realize about all the perspectives I can be able to have in situations and their effects, to gain more confidence in my studies, to don't just think about something but to do it! I'm really thankful for all the progress I made in my life by your coaching (Johanna, Groningen) Fiercely Kind Coaching Patrica Butterfly


Fiercely Kind Coaching Patrica Cat ♥ We had some very involved online conversations which helped me proceed with my career decisions. Patricia was attentive and dedicated to my cause, thank you for that!(Lisa Rijnders)


♥ Coach sessions with Patricia have given me practical handling/tips to deal with all my daily life troubles. I have learned to accept myself and been coached to come to certain insights, I would not have gotten without her! (L.S., Berlin) Fiercely Kind Coaching Patrica Whale


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